Positive Reinforcement Strategies for ADHD

Children with ADHD can have trouble focusing and sitting still. Positive reinforcement helps strengthen attention skills.

What is positive reinforcement?

  • Giving rewards or praise immediately after good behavior. This makes the behavior happen more often.

Reward systems

  • Give points or tokens for completing tasks or showing positive behaviors.
  • Tokens can be traded in for fun rewards like special activities, screen time, or treats.
  • Reward frequently so the connection is made.


  • Praise verbally when they focus well or control impulses. Be specific.
  • Say what behaviors you want to reinforce.
  • Shows you notice and appreciate their efforts.

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Incentive charts

  • Break big tasks into smaller steps.
  • Earn stickers or stamps as each step is completed.
  • Reward when chart is filled. Visual shows progress.

Focus practice

  • Short activities that require concentration like puzzles.
  • Slowly increase time as child succeeds.
  • Celebrate when they reach focus goals.


  • Use strategies frequently and with persistence. Change takes time.
  • Positive reinforcement shapes behaviors over time. Stick with it!

Why it works

  • Frequent rewards and praise encourage repetition of positive behaviors.
  • Seeing progress builds confidence and motivation.


  • Reward systems, praise, charts and focus practice allow positive reinforcement for children with ADHD.
  • Reinforcing good behaviors improves concentration, impulse control, and task completion.
  • Consistent positive feedback helps strengthen attention skills.

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Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful: ADHD Resources