How to Use Positive Reinforcement to Improve Organizational Skills in Children with ADHD

ADHD can make organization and planning hard. Positive reinforcement builds these skills.

What is positive reinforcement?

  • Giving rewards or praise right after good behavior to increase it.

Use reward systems

  • Give points or tokens for organizational behaviors like:
  • Putting belongings in proper places
  • Tracking assignments and tasks
  • Creating and following schedules
  • Let points be traded for prizes, activities, or treats

Give praise

  • Praise verbally when they demonstrate good organization.
  • Be specific about what they did well.
  • Shows you notice their effort and progress.

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Try visual charts

  • Break big goals into smaller steps.
  • Mark progress with stickers as each step is achieved.
  • Earn bigger rewards when chart is filled.

Model organization

  • Demonstrate organizational habits like posting schedules.
  • Narrate your process for managing time and tasks.
  • Do tasks together like creating checklists.

Stay patient and persistent

  • Changing behavior takes time. Use strategies consistently.
  • Celebrate small improvements to motivate continued progress.

Why it works:

  • Rewards and praise make kids repeat positive behaviors.
  • Accomplishing goals boosts confidence and skills.


  • Reward systems, praise, charts, and modeling reinforce organization.
  • Consistent positive feedback improves planning and time management.
  • Celebrate each step to develop habits and skills over time.

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Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful: ADHD Resources