Positive Reinforcement Activities for ADHD

Fun activities make great ADHD rewards. They motivate kids to repeat desired behaviors.

Activity Reward Ideas

  • Special outing (movies, mini-golf, zoo)
  • Park or playdate with friends
  • Board game night or pizza party
  • Arts/crafts time or DIY project
  • Extra computer game time
  • Camping in backyard
  • Fancy dessert like sundae bar
  • Dance party or karaoke night
  • Trip to arcade or trampoline park

Choosing Activities

  • Get child’s input and offer choices.
  • Vary high and low energy activities.
  • Include special family time.
  • Rotate options to keep it fresh.

Using Activities Effectively

  • Give activity immediately after goal is met.
  • Start with small goals so rewards come quickly.
  • Increase goal size gradually as skills grow.
  • Pair with rewards like points/tokens or charts.

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Activity Ideas by Age

Young kids:

  • Arts/crafts, bedtime story, dance party, family game night


  • Sports night, pizza party, friend playdate, movie night


  • Escape room, shopping trip, concert tickets, camping trip

Benefits of Activity Rewards

  • Promotes family bonding time.
  • Makes positive behaviors fun!
  • Acts as incentive to repeat desired habits.
  • Provides non-food reward options.


  • Activity rewards are engaging incentives for ADHD kids.
  • Tailor rewards to child’s interests for best results.
  • Pair with other reinforcement systems for motivation.

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Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful: ADHD Resources