Positive Reinforcement Examples for ADHD

Positive reinforcement improves behaviors in ADHD kids by rewarding good habits.

What is positive reinforcement?

  • Giving praise or rewards immediately after desired behaviors.
  • Increases likelihood behaviors will be repeated.

Reward system examples

  • Child earns points for completed homework that go toward video game time.
  • Tokens earned for each task completed that are traded in for family fun night.
  • Treats given after sitting through a full class period without disruptions.

Praise examples

  • “I love how you got ready for school on time this morning!”
  • “Nice work remembering to put your homework in your backpack.”
  • “You stayed focused for that whole project - amazing!”

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Incentive chart examples

  • Sticker for each day child goes to bed on schedule. Prize after 1 week.
  • Star earned for every 15 minutes spent on chore. New art set after 1 hour.
  • Punch card - treat after 5 days in a row with no tardies at school.

Modeling examples

  • Parent thinks aloud while cleaning to demonstrate organizing belongings.
  • Teacher goes through own planner step-by-step to show scheduling.

Focus practice examples

  • Child gets computer time for 5 minutes of paying attention to storytime.
  • Family game night after kid spends 30 minutes on homework without distraction.

Tips for success

  • Tailor strategies to child’s specific needs and interests.
  • Be consistent - it takes time for new habits to form.
  • Celebrate all progress, no matter how small.


  • Many ways to positively reinforce kids with ADHD.
  • Customize approach with rewards, praise, charts and modeling.
  • Consistent positive feedback develops good habits over time.

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Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful: ADHD Resources